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A multi-skill English learning application, and a great companion to assist you in enhancing your English ability effectively

With English Pal, you will:

Empower your English journey

English Pal offers a range of powerful tools to supercharge your English skills.

Vocabulary Builder

English Pal helps you highlight and synthesize the essential vocabulary of each material. Elevate your language proficiency by keeping track of crucial language elements in one convenient platform.

All-in-One Language Toolbox

No more switching between apps while reading in English. English Pal integrates translation, dictionary, and vocabulary note features, allowing you to access all of it in one place with just a tap!

Learning Comprehension Booster

English Pal’s AI provides summary and quick post-reading tests to reinforce your grasp of each reading material and boost overall language understanding.

Improve your vocabulary
with Spaced Repetition

By utilizing apps and vocabulary learning tools based on Spaced Repetition, you can maximize the benefits of this learning technique
to progress quickly and continuously expand your word bank.
Apply innovative technology to create a creative learning experience
AI - Aritificial Intelligence

English Pal analyzes and evaluates users’ behaviors to tailor learning content and optimize the advantages of learner-centric learning.


English Pal integrates learning on Web 3 and Social-Fi features to build a dynamic and fun community for everyone

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English Pal is an application that allows learners to develop their English skills through real-life resources. By applying advanced technology, learners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in bilingual content and naturally refine their English skills.
With a focus on vocabulary building and materials comprehension practice, English Pal stands as your ultimate companion in the journey towards mastering the English language.
Yes, English Pal will suggest content based on your interests, level, and goals. You can always change and update the information in Settings
You can access in 1 of 2 ways: 1. For videos selected by our editors: Open our app and choose ''Video'' from our Resources 2. For other videos: Open the video in Youtube app - select Share - Add - English Pal

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